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Melanie Homel-0516lden, CEO of Rekindering Company, is an internationally known author, trainer, and motivational speaker. She has been interviewed on Fox News (Fox and Friends), US and international radio, and was written up in Investor’s Business Daily. She has hosted an internet based radio show on VoiceAmerica. Melanie serves on an advisory board for Vision Quest Consulting’s Women’s Leadership Retreats, www.visionquestconsulting.com, where she has also been a frequent speaker. Inside the corporate and non-profit arenas, Melanie runs individualized programs in effective communication and stress reduction. She is a graduate of Boston University.


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Hanif photo (1)Hanif Moledina is the Business Development Executive at Rekindering. Hanif’s expertise in international trade has opened doors for Rekindering to expand business in Africa and the Middle East. Through relationships with our associated partners in Washington D.C., Dubai, Kenya, and Uganda, Hanif is leveraging trade in commodities such as coffee, chia seeds, and beef. Most recently, Hanif is leading the effort to partner with US hospitals to bring healthcare diagnostic services to Uganda. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Hanif comes to Rekindering with 30 years of experience in the coffee business and international trade.