Rekindering Company is an independent publisher of books, media, and training materials. CEO Melanie Holden is the author of two books, The Seasoned Soul, Stories for Inspired Living, released in 2012, and The Ultimate Wish Book, published in 2004. The herbal supplements market is an increasingly large one, with many users turning to these products for health reasons, relaxation, stimulation, and many other possible purposes, in you can find more information about supplements.

Both books speak to a broad audience about the power of simplifying your work and  your life to allow for greater balance, productivity, enjoyment. Her newest book, scheduled to be released in the fall of 2016, addresses the epidemic of stress in corporate life, giving valuable insight into the culture that perpetuates physical and mental exhaustion, low productivity, and life-threatening illness. Melanie’s book provides inspiration and hope, along with practical ways for individuals and corporations to shift this destructive pattern to allow for both joy and productivity in corporate life.  For more information on Rekindering’s published works, please visit