International Trade and Infrastructure Services

Rekindering has recently become involved in International trade and Infrastructure services. We have associate offices in Washington D.C., Dubai (UAE), Nairobi (Kenya), and Kampala (Uganda). Our senior professionals have over 40 years experience in their field to provide qualified and experienced assistance with every phase of your project.

International Trade Services

Our associates export coffee, tea, chia and sesame seeds, maize and other commodities from East Africa to importing countries worldwide. Through very close working relationships with farmers and cooperatives we are able to provide consistent quality to our clients. From high qualities for the gourmet markets to large volumes for institutional use, our supplies ensure timely deliveries.

Furthermore we are actively sourcing products for our associates to import into these same markets, where the economies and consumer markets continue to steadily grow.

Infrastructure Services

East Africa is a growing market. It has tremendous natural resources. However the infrastructure is a challenge and the governments in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are committed to making great improvements thereby making transportation of these products more efficient. Furthermore there are various construction projects in the area. ReKindering is working closely with its associates in East Africa and also leveraging its relationships with companies worldwide to bring these services to East Africa.